Plastic Bag: In Search of The Vortex

Here’s an appealing short film by Ramin Bahrani in which Werner Herzog gives voice to a tenacious plastic bag in search of its maker and struggling with its own immortality; wafting its way through the wasteland until it chances upon the Pacific Ocean trash vortex (a hedonia of trash). I was just reminded about it reading this thoughtful post about Space Junk & the (relational) Real.


About andrewosborne

Andrew Osborne has recently completed his MA in Contemporary Art Theory at Goldsmith's.
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One Response to Plastic Bag: In Search of The Vortex

  1. Nathan says:

    I enjoyed the film, and I think Herzog makes a perfect plastic bag. I am interested in animistic approaches to objects and it seems to be going on quite a lot. Mark Leckey’s recent Milton Keynes exhibition incorporates basic CGI effects to illuminate the gallery building as a being with desire. What does this ‘trend’ (I realise I’ve only given one example!) in respect to the object and the way we perceive difference mean? Anyone…

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