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Andrew Osborne has recently completed his MA in Contemporary Art Theory at Goldsmith's.

Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi: After The Future

Automnomist theorist Franco Berardi poetically explains the concept behind his new book, After The Future. Here he claims that the concept of the future has lost its usefulness. Directed by Gary Genosko and produced by the Infoscape Centre for the … Continue reading

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Christian Marazzi: “Money, Finance and the Common”

Christian Marazzi: “Money, Finance and the Common” Here’s my notes from last week’s lecture at Queen Marys University (with Discussants: Marina Vishmidt and Marco Sachy). The talk refers an earlier paper on financial entropy that Marazzi originally presented November 18, … Continue reading

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Day X³: Kettled in Parliament Square.


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Day X: Kettled in Whitehall

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Protest the Cuts!

“He who is not afraid of death by a thousand cuts dares to unhorse the emperor.”

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Never Odd Nor Even

The mathematical understanding of symmetry is conspicuously at odds with human intuition, which is prescribed by our linguistic understanding of similarity and difference; the relation between Same and Other. Symmetry has a specific meaning in mathematics that is therefore somewhat … Continue reading

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Notes on Accelerationism Goldsmiths, University of London, 14th September 2010 feat. Mark Fisher, Ray Brassier, Benjamin Noys, Alex Andrews, Nick Srnicek, Alex Williams Introduction (Mark Fisher): Brief introduction to Nick Land’s theory of accelerationism, alluding to Fanged Noumena, his forthcoming … Continue reading

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