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Henry Kaiser: The Long Take

An eerie long take filmed by Henry Kaiser on the supercool sea-floor of McMurdo Sound and set to his own music. I find it most unheimlich and despite having watched it a few times over now, it never seems anymore … Continue reading

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One-Dimensional Man: The Possibility of Triumph Over the Disaster of Capitalism.

Here’s the text I’ve just written for an art show starting in the International Project Space at Birmingham’s Bournville School of Art tomorrow and based around the theme of Herbert Marcuse’s 1964 book. The show includes the varied works of … Continue reading

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Luca Bertolo: The Domain of Painting

Italian painter Luca Bertolo is having a solo show at Arcade Fine Arts, opening tonight. I’m looking forward to meeting Luca and pleased he liked my press release. The show consists of advertsing pages from Art Forum that he’s painted … Continue reading

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The Ethico-Aesthetic Paradigm: Tribal Assemblages and Space Rock

Here is a transcript of the talk I delivered at the Royal Academy for the GSK Contemporaries. The evening was titled Psychosomatic Acid Test and hosted by Mark Titchner. My mini-lecture preceded a Hawkwind tribute band, Evel Gazebo, who played … Continue reading

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Banks Violette: Machinic ‘Zombiefied’ Return

As Yet Untitled (TriStar Horse), video projection in water vapour, 2008 Last week I was lucky enough to see this singular, striking and elegiac work by Banks Violette, currently showing at Maureen Paley. And whilst it doesn’t reproduce particularly well, … Continue reading

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