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Systemic Collapse: A Theory of Crisis

The current economic crisis is a combination of structural design and the inherent contradictions between the limitless search for profit, through speculation, and an interest-based economy in which production is dwindling, harbouring an excess of credit. The logic of the market, combined with neo-liberal doctrines, have brought it to the point where it is buoyed up on faith alone: capitalism is form of monotheism with its attendant myths. The danger then comes then not when the fictitious bubbles burst, but when the very real infrastructure is sold off and dismantled. The threat is no longer fictitious, but historically realised through privatisation — a degradation of the social sphere and dispossession of people’s rightful common assets. Continue reading

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Marx: An Evolutionary Critique of Technology

A critical history of technology would show how little any of the inventions of the 18th century are the work of a single individual. Hitherto there is no such book. Darwin has interested us in the history of Nature‚Äôs Technology, … Continue reading

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